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Preschool Supplies List for Homeschoolers

Welcome back to Preschool for Mommies. Today we will be looking at preschool supplies list. I will be featuring a few lists from other bloggers as well as the list that I use for preschool with J. Let’s walk.

Back to School Checklist

Last week, I was certain that I had my t’s crossed and i’s dotted when it came to having all the supplies that I needed to resume homeschooling J. I was GREATLY mistaken. Luckily we had a delay in starting preschool and Kim from Life Over C’s came to my rescue with this awesome list.

Multi Sensory Shopping List

multisensory shopping listleader

I honestly cannot begin to describe how great this Multi Sensory Learning Shopping List  is and Kim has provided it for free on her blog. Needless to say, I was very happy to travel the 2 hours to get to the nearest city so that I could add to my lacking supply. I even gave myself a challenge to spend less than $50 in supplies and spent only $35!!! Thank you Lord for Dollar Stores.

Why I Love this Preschool Supplies List

  1. It is pretty easy on the eyes.
  2. It has the traditional items (stapler, paper etc)
  3. It caters to multisensory learning
  4. Includes the regular household items that you may need as well
  5. I am not a craft person, so there were items included that I would never have thought of using (shape tiles?)
  6. She even has a post with ideas on what to do with some of the items listed. Light Box anyone?

Even though I love this preschool supplies list, I will still provide you with a few other options from a few other bloggers. Variety is the spice of life and I want to spice things up.

Karen from Tots and Me has her Homeschooling Essentials for Tots and Me list where she lists her essentials when you have a limited income.

Tauna from the Proverbial Homemaker shares her Homeschool Essentials. Her list is categorized into two headings: Essentials and Nice To Haves.

Sarah from My Joy Filled Life lists the 5 Things I Cant live without .

Lexi  from Lextin Academy also gives us a COMPREHENSIVE Back to Homeschool Supply list

Lastly, there is also this list of top 10 essentials that was complied from interviewing over 100 mommies in my facebook homeschooling group.

Thanks for walking with me.

Karen W

Sunday 31st of August 2014

Love your Preschool Checklist. Just wanted to say thanks for adding the link to my post. I actually had some new views of my post. Have a blessed evening.


Monday 1st of September 2014

You are very welcome Karen