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What Does My Preschooler Need To Know? Language (Reading and Writing)

Preschool for Mommies
Welcome back to Preschool for Mommies. So far we have discussed a few essentials of starting a preschool at home. We have looked at the most important thing needed for doing preschool as well as the age you may want to start at. We have also previously looked at the social and emotional development aspects that your preschooler needs to know. At the end of this post I will provide a downloadable checklist. Let’s walk.

what does my preschooler need to know: language


This section addresses everything that allow preschoolers to be effective communicators.

1) Be able to listen and respond to others in sentences
2) Be able to play with their native language (rhymes, syllable counting)
3) Follow and give both one-step and 2 step instructions
4) Use the vocabulary that they know to connect to new experiences
5) Be able to ask questions in different situations
6) Use the correct vocabulary in different situations

1) Show the desire to read
2) Have personal favorites for books and stories
3) Have a basic understanding about the parts of a book and how to read a book (title, read from left to right)
4) Respond to what is read
5) Make predictions about what will happen next in the story
6) Use the images to understand what is happening in the story
7) Letter knowledge
8) Be able to retell a story in the correct order


1) Show an interest in writing
2) Realizes that words have meaning (What does this say?)
3) Traces name, letters and numbers
4) Understand left to right progression

We have now completed Language and its two parts: reading and writing. As promised, here is your downloadable checklist for Language. Tomorrow we will explore Math as well as Science and Technology. Thanks for walking with me

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