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Quick and Easy Free Printable Apple Alphabet Worksheets

Are you looking for a cute set of free printable apple alphabet worksheets?

I love planning for Caleb’s preschool activities! I love sitting down and brainstorming ideas to help his little brain grow and to allow him to further work on his skills such as pencil grasp or letter recognition.

Unfortunately, I forget how teacher-intensive Jael’s grade 1 work is at the moment.

So what happens? All those grand plans are thrown aside and I attempt (horribly I might add) to wing it. I realized something.

In order to make this work I will need something that was quick and easy and so I created these free printable apple alphabet worksheets.

Free Printable Apple Alphabet Worksheets

These free printable apple alphabet worksheets are such a quick and easy preschool activity. All you have to do is print and hand your child a few counters and they are building and learning. Can't get any easier than that.

These are very similar to the rainbow cards that I shared this week on Instagram.

Sure I printed these in a hurry but guess what? He LOVED them.

I had created them earlier this year to be used with Rainbow bear counters but the transparent counters worked like a gem. He was able to work on:

  • one-to-one correspondence
  • fine motor skills (these transparent counters are flat so he has to work those fingers to pick them up)
  • letter recognition
  • color matching

Yup and all I had to do was simply open the file and print. Nothing gets more straightforward than that to me.

I knew that he was working on all those skills while I helped Jael with her special sounds and listened to her reading.

So why am I sharing our alphabet apple worksheets with you now? Well, I didn’t know that anyone else struggled with putting together a quick activity for their kids. I thought everyone else had it made and besides, no one told me UNTIL yesterday.

These free printable apple alphabet worksheets are such a quick and easy preschool activity. All you have to do is print and hand your child a few counters and they are building and learning. Can't get any easier than that.

This is why I love talking to The Learners (the most fantastic preschool-at-home group on FB). I learned that life gets crazy, chaotic, and messy and you really want to teach your kids but have almost no time to prep.

So guess what? From here on out all of Caleb’s activities will be low-prep, hands-on activities (even if they are worksheets). This means that in the mornings before life gets crazy, you simply print what you need and then grab your supplies.

Show your little darling what needs to be done and let them at it. Don’t worry, we are in the trenches together trying to stay sane while attempting to do it all.


Apple Books for Kids You Need to Check Out

Please note that affiliate links are used below for your convenience.

If you are looking for a few books to read about apples, whether in the Fall or just because, check out these!

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What You Need for the Apple Alphabet Worksheets

  • Apple Cards (at the end of the post)
  • Paper (cardstock or regular printer paper)
  • Write and Wipe Pockets (trust me this is a must-have from here on out)
  • Pom poms (or whatever you can grab)

Okay, so now that you know it’s low prep (or no prep) here is how you use it.

How to Use the Apple Alphabet Cards

Print the cards.

Sure they can be cut in 2 because they are designed that way, but who has time for that? You can easily use these printables as is.

Grab pom poms.

These pom poms represent the 3 colored apples. If you can’t find any pom poms, don’t even worry about it.

You can also easily use coins, and counters, you can even grab beans from the kitchen! Yeah, I said it. Grab those beans.

Demonstrate what needs to be done.

Before you start breaking out ‘Nsync’s Bye Bye Bye, show your little darling what needs to be done first. If not, they may come back to whine and you will only be more frustrated. Trust me on this.

Simply place one pom-pom or counter on each dot. That’s it. Slipping it in the write and wiping pockets, helps to keep them from getting dirty.

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