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Easy Breakfast Sandwich

Easy breakfast sandwiches are one of the kids’ favourite breakfast options, and one that I feel great about making for them.

I am always looking for quick recipes for breakfast and this easy breakfast sandwich fits the bill.
My daughter has inherited my father and my aversion for eating in the morning, but unfortunately, she’s too young to really be able to handle a delayed breakfast.

I’ve had to rack my brain and try dozens of different breakfast options to come up with easy breakfast recipes that she will be excited and happy to eat first thing in the morning.

These easy breakfast sandwiches are full of protein and we use crumpets, because we just love them, but you can use toast or English muffins if you prefer.


Easy Breakfast Sandwich Components:

For each breakfast sandwich you will need,

  • one English muffin or two crumpets
  • one egg
  • one patty-style sausage
  • one slice of cheese
  • barbeque sauce, ketchup, mustard, or butter – whichever you prefer, or none at all

To make the eggs easy to stack in the breakfast sandwich, I use a metal cookie cutter, but you can also use a silicone pancake shaper. Either way, make sure you do not remove the cutter or shaper until the eggs are mostly cooked, or they will run and you will lose that perfect circular shape.

Cook the eggs and sausage until done, meanwhile toast the crumpets or English muffins, and add whichever condiment you prefer.

Layer the sausage and egg ontop of the crumpet and place the cheese on immediately so that the heat from the eggs and sausage melt it slightly. (You can also pop the breakfast sandwich in the oven or microwave for a moment to melt the cheese a bit more.)

I like to serve these immediately, but you can make several of these easy breakfast sandwiches in advance and just warm them when you want. I personally would store the different components separately, and freshly toast the crumpet, for the best flavour and texture.



What is your favourite easy breakfast idea for kids?

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Saturday 8th of August 2015

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