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Reformation Day, A Halloween Alternative

Halloween is coming soon and I am sure most kids are thinking of their costumes or the amount of candy they are going to get. Halloween however, is one of those events that each family has to decide whether or not they will celebrate. In our home, we do something a little different. Not only is October 31st  Halloween but it also marks an important event in church history. This is the day we celebrate the beginning of Reformation Day, our Halloween alternative.

Halloween Alternatives

What is Reformation Day

On Oct 31 1517 Martin Luther nailed 95 arguments against using money to lessen your time in purgatory on a church door in Germany. Those 95 arguments that he nailed to that church door had an extremely big impact on the Church and the events that came from that helped many people to rediscover the Gospel and put the Bible in the place it deserved to be. Even though I grew up in a baptist church I had no idea how much this event impacted me and the act that I am a christian today. So instead of Halloween this year, our family is celebrating Reformation Day, our halloween alternative.

Reformation Day, The Halloween Alternative Activities

In the Warteurg Castle (Build a Fort)

To do this activity, simply find a sheet and a table or desk. Place the sheet over the table in order to create your Warteurg Castle. This is where Luther hid because his life was in danger.

Can You Buy Your Way Into Heaven?

You can use the download below for your money. Simply role play with the items in your house. Ask, “How much money do I have to spend to buy a…?” End each situation by stating that Jesus is the only way to heaven and no amount of money can get you there.

Halloween Alternative Reformation Day Money

Although these activities are fun, the main emphasis is to let J know that Jesus is the only way to heaven. That being said, this is our first year of celebrating Reformation Day, our Halloween alternative. so naturally next year we will have more ideas .Thanks for walking with me.

Thursday 27th of October 2022

Thank you for the Reformation post! I teach kindergarten in a Lutheran school and Martin Luther and the Reformation are an integral part of our October worship and devotions! I will definitely be using these ideas!