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Reindeer Preschool Lesson Plan

Can you believe we have 21 days until Christmas? This week’s Playful Preschool lesson plan is all about reindeer. All of my fellow preschool bloggers will be placing their own spin on this theme and ensuring that their activities are fun and educational. Just in case you are new to my site, Playful Preschool is a group of bloggers bringing you fun ideas to teach your preschooler different concepts. We take different subjects and place our own spin on it.

Reindeer Preschool Lesson Plan

Reindeer Preschool Lesson Plan: Literacy Activity


My daughter J loves playing with a set of fly swatters I purchased almost a year ago. I had bought them at the dollar store thinking that I am sure I will find a purpose for them. Well today I am proud to announce we FINALLY used them. We created a game called SWAT THAT REINDEER.


What You Need

1) Set of SWAT THAT REINDEER cards

2) Fly swatter


If your preschooler is just learning to recognize their letters, you  may want to start this game slowly. Choose any 3 cards and introduce the letters to them. Say this is the letter A , this is the letter B and so on. Once they seem comfortable grab your fly swatter and proceed to the instructions below.

Lay 10 cards on the table or any flat surface and give your preschooler the fly swatter. Let them know that you will be calling out a letter and when they find the reindeer with that letter they need to smack that card with the fly swatter. Once they know what to expect, proceed. You can even build your way up to all 26 cards.


Another game that can be played is called The Swat Race. If you have 2 fly swatters and another preschooler (or willing adult who will not be too aggressive), you can call out the letter and have them race to find the card and smack it.

Don’t forget to check out more of our fun preschool lesson plans and to see what the Playful preschool team came up with this week. Thanks for walking with me.
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Mary Catherine

Sunday 14th of December 2014

Oh I know some kiddos who would have a blast with this game!


Sunday 7th of December 2014

What a great game to encourage literacy! Love it!

Alana - eSpectacularKids

Thursday 4th of December 2014

I can imagine The Swat Race being a big hit with preschoolers and even some of the older kids… will give this one a go! I hope it doesn't get too crazy!