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Color the Rhyming Words

Are you looking for a few rhyming worksheets to help your student? I recently introduced rhyming words formally to my son Caleb- my kindergartner. Teaching rhyming words can be fun and you can definitely do this without a worksheet. In fact, you can simply do silly word games with your student.

These rhyming worksheets are perfect for helping your kids! Simply print and choose the level that works best

The only hiccup you may have with this is when your child looks at you with a blank look that says, “What on earth is she talking about?” Or maybe that’s just my kids.  And that’s where these rhyming worksheets come into play.

Rhyming Worksheets: Color the Rhyming Words

A rhyme is simply a word that has the same ending as another word. For example, cat and rat, hug and dug. And kids tend to create silly words that rhyme all on their own, especially words related to body parts. Sure this seems as a simple skill but if your child cannot segment words then it gets a little rough.

These set of rhyming worksheets were created with 2 levels deliberately. The first level simply has the pictures and your child colors the word. The second level has only words. This means the child has to first read the word, decide if the word rhymes and then color it if it does.

Prep and Use

First print the worksheets on the paper of your choice. Ideally I would have loved to use colored paper (especially the pastel ones) but I didn’t have any at the time.

Once its printed, simply cut the page in 2.

Decide on the level that is most appropriate for your child.

Color an example of a rhyming word so that he or she understands what is expected.

These rhyming worksheets are perfect for helping your kids! Simply print and choose the level that works best

Rhyming Words Resources

Below you will find a few resources to help you along with your child’s rhyming journey! Please note that affiliate links are used below for your convenience and are at zero cost to you if you click them.

 Rhyming Dust Bunnies The Learning Journey Match It! Rhyme Scholastic Teacher’s Friend Rhyming Learning Puzzles, Multiple Colors (TF7154) Primary Concepts 3-D Rhyme Basket Rhyming Objects Carson-Dellosa Publishing Time to Rhyme Bob Books: Rhyming Words Word Play: Rhyming, Grades K – 1: Gold Star Edition (Home Workbooks)