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School End of Year Printable (Colorful and Fun)

It’s almost the end of the year and I decided to create a few school end-of-year printable activities for my kids (and you of course). Yes, I know- we homeschool year-round but it helps to have some form of end date in mind.

Besides, not everyone homeschools but these free end-of-year activities are perfect for the classroom and daycares as well.

Looking for a few end of year certificates or a way to record all the memories made in the school year? This free end of year packet it perfect!

school End of Year printable Activities


Below you will find a list of books that you can check out from your local library. You can even ask your librarian for a few other suggestions.

If you are unable to get to a library then just click the link below to purchase the books from Amazon.

Please note that affiliate links are used below for your convenience.


 Do Not Bring Your Dragon to the Last Day of SchoolDo Not Bring Your Dragon to the Last Day of School Oh, the Places You’ll Go!Oh, the Places You'll Go! I Wish You More (Encouragement Gifts for Kids, Uplifting Books for Graduation)I Wish You More (Encouragement Gifts for Kids, Uplifting Books for Graduation) And Then Comes SummerAnd Then Comes Summer Last Day Blues (The Jitters Series)Last Day Blues (The Jitters Series)


What I Am Planning on Doing for Our school End of Year Celebrations

Our homeschool end of the year officially happens in June and I plan to make it memorable for my kids. I also have to remember to take pictures (need to keep that camera close). I also plan to try one of those photo album sites where you upload your pictures and mail you an album.

Here is the end of the year plan:

  • Cupcakes solely because I am better at cupcakes than baking a cake
  • Balloons outside their door so they know it’s a special day when they wake up
  • Pictures to signify the end of our school year
  • Fill out our end-of-year packet
  • Gather ideas from my kids on things they want to try this summer
Free End of Year Certificates and End of Year Memory Pages

The school end-of-year printable packet itself doubles as an end-of-year certificate as well as a memory keeper. There are 6 different styles of certificates to choose from – I plan to ask my kids to choose the one they like from the lot.

Within the school end of year printable memory section, there are pages that include:

  • My favorite books

This is where your child will be able to list all of their favorite books they read for the school year.

end of year memory pages showing favorite books and why
  • My fav color (with 3 boxes to indicate their favorite colors)
  • A letter from the teacher (that would be me)
  • My favorite subjects
  • I can now…
  • I am awesome at…
  • And a few more

Other End of the School Year Resources

Below you can find our other End of the School year resources. Enjoy!

End of the School Year Coloring Pages

free end of the school year coloring pages pictures on blue background

End of the School Year Worksheets

image of End of the School Year Worksheets
Free End of the School Year Worksheets

To grab these certificates and memory pages, simply click the button below to get your printables.



Monday 16th of May 2022

Thank you for wrapping up the school year in a very fun way. Thank for all your hard work. Very much appreciated.