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Growing Seeds and Journaling

Has your child ever watched seeds growing? Have they ever planted their own set of seeds and observed what happens? My daughter like any child is very curious about the way things work. To satisfy her curiosity and to continue developing that lovely pencil grasp and her writing skills, I chose to create a simple activity for #TeachECE. Our growing seeds and journaling activity allowed my child to be hands on as well as observant- we loved it.

Allow your little scientist to plant, observe and journal broccoli seeds indoors while they grow- a fun seed science experiment for kids


Growing Seeds and Journalling Supplies

In order to recreate our simple science experiment, you will need the following:

  • paper towels
  • water
  • broccoli seeds
  • glass or a transparent container
  • notebook


FIRST, choose the container that you will plant your seeds in. I chose the wine glasses that we received after we were married. They finally got used as we don’t drink wine- maybe one day they will be used for their actual purpose.

SECOND, rip pieces of paper towel and stuff them into the container. You want it packed so that once the seeds are added, they wont move.

THIRD, add the seeds on the outsides as seen in the picture below. This allows your kids to see the roots growing as well as observing what happens to the seeds themselves as the plant grows.

FOURTH, add enough water to soak the paper towels and then drain it. You do not want extra water in there- according to my daughter it needs to be just right.

FIFTH, place near a sunny area. J kept hers in her bedroom on a ledge that used to house her baby camera.

SIXTH, observe a day later to see changes and make notes on them.

Allow your little scientist to plant observe and journal broccoli seeds while they grow- a fun seed science experiment for kids


If you are not working on perfect spelling, then allow your kids to spell phonetically. If you are, then be prepared to help them spell the words that they don’t know. The aim of this exercise is to get them comfortable with writing and to slowly introduce them to the scientific method.


Shari Barry

Sunday 24th of April 2016

Thanks Alecia. I'm hoping to try this with my Kindergarten students. Love the idea of broccoli seeds. I've done lima beans and the past two years the experiment has failed. The seeds keep getting moldy. So, excited to try broccoli seeds. Thanks for sharing.


Tuesday 26th of April 2016

We had so many seeds left over from last year that we decided to try them all. Besides beans, the broccoli was the most successful of the lot. Hope it goes well


Saturday 23rd of April 2016

That looks like a lot of fun. We haven't tried growing broccoli from seed and the kids would love to watch the progress.