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Sight Word Introduction

I have been teaching my daughter J to recognize sight words for the past few weeks and she is grasping and reading them wherever she sees them. As a result, I am going to be sharing with you our free sight words worksheets as well as any other sight words activities we may be doing. Thanks for walking with me.

Teaching anyone to read can be hard however when I was teaching my daughter to read we worked on beginning sounds as well as used these sight word worksheets

Sight Word Approach

When learning sight words, most start with the pre-primer Dolch list which consists of over 200 of the most used words in children’s books. This list is then further divided into 6 groups and each group has 20 words.

J is still quite young and so I have decided to divide this group of 20 words even further to 10 words per group.


What To Expect From These Free Sight Word Worksheets

At the beginning of each round, I will offer the sight word chart that we are using in addition to the worksheets. You can use the charts to mark your preschooler’s progress and to make notes of what may need improving.

I will also be sharing with you the games and activities that we are using to reinforce these words- flashcards will not be the main emphasis.

Each week I will present one sight word and its respective free sight word worksheets and activities. I have tried my best to follow J’s lead and so there are times when she will ask what a word is that is not in the group that we are studying (and that is totally okay as I want her to learn words in context).

I have tried to make each lesson as multi-sensory as possible for J in order to reinforce what she is learning.

Please note, J is also learning how to read with the help of another curricula (The Logic of English Foundations) that focuses on sounding out words- an approach we love. Her learning sight words are just an extra that we are doing to help her.

You may download your first sight word chart by right-clicking below the image of your choice below and save. Thanks for walking with me and don’t forget to stop by next week for our first sight word: ‘the’.

Sight Word List round 1 boy Sight Word List round 1

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