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Summer Activities for Kids with Printables

Summer! Fun in the sun is the name of the game for this season.

It seems like we are never inside during the summer months! We especial love ice cream treats and beach days. Thankfully we have great family that loves to have us visit over the summer months.

One way of really enjoying summer is to integrate preschool activities and kindergarten activities. For us we will use summer themed preschool worksheets or kindergarten worksheets and we also get outside as often as possible! We do lots of fun summer walks with water play and great food.

Living in a country that experiences seasons is definitely a bonus as there are so many opportunities that present themselves as lessons that can be taught. Worksheets can really drive home important concepts too.

I found having these printables on had makes my homeschool days so much easier since we homeschool all year long. And I really love sharing them with you! I know there are homeschool parents out there just like me who enjoy fun and simple lessons where there children have fun learning.

Did you know printables can also help develop a variety of skills? No, I am serious. Some of these are:

  • hand eye co-ordination
  • 1 to 1 correspondence
  • fine motor skills (think lacing cards and tracing lines)
  • counting
  • positional words

Quite frankly, as a homeschooling teacher, I believe that having access to worksheets is a fantastic resource. Not only can summer worksheets and activities be themed so that you can use them in whatever theme you are doing, they can be so easily duplicated for the number of students that need them. Take them to your next homeschool co-op or make duplicates for all the children in your home.

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