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Teddy Bear Preschool Fine Motor Activities

Who knew that playing and learning with teddy bears could be so fun? Yesterday I shared our Teddy Bear preschool theme activities for the Teddy Bear Counting Book- a book my daughter loves to play with. Today I will share with you our simple but fun preschool fine motor activities for this theme.

Teddy Bear Preschool Fine Motor Activities

teddy bear preschool fine motor activity- lacing cards

My daughter loves lacing cards and my son is slowly enjoying them. It’s not that he dislikes them, he is just a very busy 2 years old- think Energizer Bunny combined with the Tasmanian Devil.


As I said, lacing is a very simple activity that anyone can create for their kids so that they can further develop those fine motor skills. Fine motor activities are not just for learning how to hold a pencil but it extends to simply sticking a key in a door in order to open it.

Using the Teddy Bear Lacing Cards 

To get started, simply:

  1. Download the Teddy Bear Lacing Cards by clicking the link below
  2. Print on cardstock
  3. Use a hole punch and punch the circles
  4. Allow your child to lace with either a shoelace or even a piece of yarn that has one end taped.

Our lacing activity looked like this:

teddy bear preschool fine motor activity- lacing cards

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These are so cute thank you for sharing


Tuesday 31st of October 2017

The link isn't working for the lacing card.

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