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21 Ways to Save Money Homeschooling

Whether you are new to homeschooling or in your sixth year, homeschoolers are always looking for ways to save money homeschooling. Download the list at the end of the post to get all 21 ways to homeschool on a budget.

Yes! My homeschool game is on point this year. I am so organized that I deserve an award. I have my homeschool planner. I’ve checked off the Ontario grade checklist for each of my kid and I even know how to plan my entire school week in just 4 days. Yup, I am an expert at this after a few years. Then it happens.

Whether you are new to homeschooling or in your sixth year, homeschoolers are always looking for ways to save money homeschooling. Here are over 8 ways to homeschool on a budget plus a free cute printable worksheet on how to homeschool on a budget #homeschoolonabudget

My bubble instantly gets popped when I realize how much my dream curricula for each of my kids actually costs. I can see Mark, my husband, saying ” Is it in the budget? Where is the money going to come from?” I then immediately go into a half frenzy half depressive state.

I know what our homeschool budget is monthly and if I want this life-altering, amazing curricula (aren’t they all though?) I’ve got to be smart. Let me share with you the different ways to save money on homeschooling curricula.

Try These 21 Ways to Save Money Homeschooling

1) Buy/Sell Groups on Facebook

If you are lucky enough to be in the United States, there are a ton of homeschoolers reselling their curriculum once they are done. If you are in Canada like I am, I have found one that is really good. If you are searching for a particular publisher such as A Beka or Memoria Press then you can always search “publisher buy-sell” on Facebook.

US group: Homeschool Buy Sell Trade

Canadian group: Homeschool Chat and Swap: Canada

image showing 21 ways to save money when homeschooling

2) Homeschool Conventions

Have you ever been to a homeschool convention? I have been to one but it was not as awesome as I thought it would be sad. However, if you do attend a popular homeschool convention, then homeschool curriculum publishers give you a discount!

If you are interested then simply search HOMESCHOOL CONVENTIONS 2018 in Google.

3) Email the Publisher

Yup, you read that correctly. If you want to know if your favorite curriculum will be having a sale anytime soon, simply email them. You can even see if they have discount codes available.

If you are terrified of emailing them, look them up on social media- Facebook and Instagram are more popular than others.

4) Back to School Tax-Free Weekends

Did you know that there are states that allow you to skip paying taxes on your back to school supplies? Don’t just think of pencils and pens but I am talking about laptops and clothing as well.

Simply click BACK TO SCHOOL TAX-FREE WEEKENDS to see if your state is participating as well as the date.

image showing 21 ways to save money when homeschooling

5) Amazon Prime

I have a serious love/hate relationship with Amazon. I love finding all the supplies but I hate seeing the money come out of my account. I have even suffered from a term I heard recently called “Amazonesia”. Its when you have offered so many things that you have no idea whats showing up at your door.

If you are on Amazon, you better be on their prime list. Why? They have Prime Day!!! It’s fantastic. Think Boxing Day sized discounts in July!! I am giddy thinking about it and you should be too. So start writing a list of homeschool supplies and stalk that site. I will even give you a heads up if you are in our new Facebook Homeschool Group.

6) Teacher Discounts

Did you know that there are stores that will give you a discount for being a homeschool teacher? Simply check to see if they have the program available. My favorites are Apple and Adobe.

7) Digital Curriculum

Here’s a not so great fact about me- I am not patient. Courtesy of this trait, I ALWAYS seek a digital version for the curriculum I like. And because I have my HP Ink membership I don’t worry about printing costs or running out of ink.

If you love the instant gratification of having your curriculum, then you should check out the Build Your Bundle sale that happens yearly. Last year I was able to snag our Geography curricula and I am so excited to start using it in August.

image for 21 ways to save money when homeschooling

8) Your Library

When I am trying to cut back on costs for curricula, such as the read-alouds listed for curricula, I hit up my library. If they don’t have it on hand, they simply order it from another library. If there are books we love then we will purchase a copy from Amazon.

In short, there are several ways to save money homeschooling this year. If you would like to see all 21 ways to save plus a few more, simply sign up for the resource list below.


Saturday 18th of August 2018

I just recently got an HP printer and I am interested in more info about the HP ink membership. Where do you go to find that or sign up? Thanks for the tips!

Alecia Francois

Saturday 25th of August 2018

Simply hop over to and sign up. You need to have an approved HP printer though.