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About Me

Hey! I’m Alecia and welcome to YOUR solution for avoiding overwhelm while homeschooling.

I know how hard it can be to somehow maintain a home, homeschool, manage your finances, and somehow squeeze in enough time to take care of yourself. Homeschool life is hard.

Well no worries, your search is over because that’s what No Stress Homeschooling is all about. Think of me as your new best friend who wants you to succeed at this as much as you do.

So who is this person chatting to you? Well, I ‘m you. I’m a:

  • mom (of 2 – a girl and a boy)
  • teacher (yeah, I am one of the crazy people who homeschools their kids 😉 )
  • believer that things need to be organized in order to stay sane
  • lover of simple solutions
  • tea drinker (only orange pekoe)

Yeah, that’s my picture below (and I HATE having my picture taken but I figured you ought to know what I at least look like).

profile picture of Alecia from No Stress Homeschooling


Well, it’s about me helping you avoid overwhelm by providing simple and practical solutions. Tips such as :

  • homeschooling 
  • homemaking (organization, cleaning, etc)
  • family life
  • finance
  • self-care

It’s Time to get rid of overwhelm

All of the solutions and tips offered at No Stress Homeschooling can be broken up into:

  1. Homeschooling
  2. Home Management
  3. Family Life
  4. Finance
  5. Self Care
  6. Library ( of free printables)
  7. Store (for more solutions)

I know that at the end of the day all you can think about is whether or not you did all that you could to help your kids learn. Trust me, the fact that you are here is a HUGE win so look around.

Let’s Connect!!

If you would like to get in touch with me, you can: