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Winter Preschool Activities

Yes winter is here and with it comes icy cold weather, thoughts of hot chocolate and snuggling in the couch with my kids as well as winter preschool activities.

What can I possibly do in the winter with my preschooler?

The answer- tons!! Think of this page as your winter resource page where you can find activities such as sensory bins, sensory play, science experiments, cooking and more!! You will even find a few preschool packs as well for winter. So grab your cup of hot chocolate and search below to find a quick activity or two that you can do with your preschooler today.

Don’t forget to check back often as I will be posting here frequently.


winter activities for preschoolers- winter nature walk chickadee

Melted Snowman Painting

melted snowman painting winter preschool activities 1

Valentine Frozen Worksheets

Yes, I know Valentines Day not here as yet, but why restrict showing love to our kids on one day? Besides- who can resist Frozen? Or Frozen worksheets?

Valentine Frozen Worksheets pin

Winter Tracing Pages

Why not allow your preschooler to work on their letter formation with these winter themed tracing pages? It includes both the upper and lower case for each letter.

Winter Tracing Pages for preschoolers

Winter Learning Activities for Preschoolers

Sheila from Brain Power Boy did a great roundup of winter learning activities that you can do with your preschooler.

Get Preschool Girls and Boys Learning with Fun Winter Activities

Erupting Numbers

Yes I know this is not specifically a winter activity but the baking soda can pass for snow, right? 😉

Erupting Numbers

Winter Nature Walk

Why not take a walk outside during winter, even if it is just in your backyard? J and I were able to have a quick walk  while C took a nap and we loved it. She saw a chickadee and came face to face with her worst nightmare, a mosquito. Besides, just being able to be outside and breathing the fresh air and seeing all the snow makes me all happy.

winter activities for preschoolers- winter nature walk

Frozen Preschool Lesson Plan

Where would winter be without FROZEN? Following our daughters’ lead Jennifer from Study at Home Mama and I decided to do a Frozen Inspired Preschool Lesson Plan. Between the both of us you have:

Oh yeah, there is also a free Frozen Inspired printable pack.

Frozen Preschool Lesson Plan with FREE printables

Winter Preschool Activities: Treasure Hunt Bin

Monday 5th of January 2015

[…] of snow, we have been doing several winter activities. Today I will share with you one of our fun winter preschool activities that your kids can do when they are stuck in the house because of the snow. I will even share how […]