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X-rays and Bones Themed Preschool Reading

Last week in preschool with J we had our fall themed week. We covered reading, math as well as a sensory bin of acorns that she went nuts for. This week for preschool reading, our theme is X-rays and Bones.  Why did we choose this theme? J loves to sing the song, “Got A Lot of Bones Inside Me” courtesy of the Bubble Guppies, so in my mind it was fitting. Let’s walk.


xrays and bones cover image

Letter A Bones Tracing Practice

With this activity, I simply slipped the sheet into a protective sleeve so that J could practice several times. Although we are using Basic Shapes for Beginners for her handwriting program, I decided to mix it up a bit.

bones themed preschool reading
I was very happy that I created this for J as she was pleased as punch. The first thing she noticed was the bones in the shape of an A.  She chose to use her favorite colour marker for the day, purple and went crazy. We also practiced using our fingers to outline the shapes of the letter A.

The next x-ray and bones preschool reading activity we did was match the parts of the skeleton. While we did not get into all the exact names of the different parts of the skeletal system, such as cranium, sternum and mandible, we did work on identifying fingers, neck and ribs plus a few more body parts.



We sang the Bubble Guppies song several times for the week. I can now say that I know that I’ve “got a lot of bones inside me, underneath the skin we’re in”. We also sang Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes in both English and German.

I would say that our x-rays and bones preschool reading theme went well.


X-rays and Bones Books

I also sourced some books from Amazon and added them to our list to purchase EVENTUALLY. The skeletal system seems to be something J will not be getting over anytime soon so I plan to expose her as much as possible to the skeletal system. I may even talk about craniums.

Here are a few I have my eye on. (Please note that my affiliate links are used. See my disclosure policy for details)



You can download the X-rays and Bones Themed Mini Kit. Thanks for walking with me.

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